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FS: some equipment from tank shut down

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Hello, going to have my 90 g system for sale soon, I plan to transfer the live stock in the next week or 2... I'll have some stuff available , everything is used but not too old and in great condition.
-Tank, standard 90g aqueon tank, it's only 2 years old, (from king Ed)after a quick clean this tank will look new,$ 250(came with the aqueon megaflow plumbing valued almost 100$ I think)
-Aqueon black pine stand (got it from j&l year and 1/2 ago) $175
-eshopps r-200 acrylic sump rated for tank up to 220g I think in great condition $150
- vertex omega 150 1 year old $280
- 48" tek light 6 bulbs, came with 8 bulbs 2 almost new, 6 still have 1/2 life left in them $160
- 60 pounds of black Hawaiian live sand $60
(I can keep it alive for someone interested).
So that's the deal, except the sand everything else as to sell in order or I be willing to sell all the above for 850$

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Skimmer sold....
Tank/stand /sump $400
Add 150 if you want light and bulbs.

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Light came with legs, live sand free with purchase of the system or 30$

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Looking for a quick sale.
Tank, stand,sump and live sand $350.
The sump is a rs-200 looks like the picture.... New is over 300$ alone, only to be sold separately after tank /stand are gone.

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Tank/stand/sump/plumbing and live sand $325

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All sold.
Thank you

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