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Well, I think it is finally time to let go of everything I have now and done with my beloved hobby. First selling few LED fixtures.

3' can extend to 4'with stand LED Fixture 8 months old ($380)
You can see below all LED diodes are in mint condition, no burnt or damage at all.

I am selling the longer version in the following pic

Model: ZT6600
Power: 200W
Item Size in Inches: 27.20 x 10.20 x 1.60H
Item with mounting Bracket in Inches: 27.20 x (min. 28.30 - max. 47.20) x 1.60H
Item with Pendant Set in Inches: 27.20 x 10.2 x 1.60H
Recommened optimal tank size: 39.3 x 19.7 x 19.7 Inch

White LED(BridgeLux): 2pcs 12000K
Royal Blue LED(CREE): 20pcs 450-465NM
Blue LED(CREE): 4pcs 465-485NM
Violet LED: 6pcs 410-420NM
Green LED: 3pcs 520 - 535NM
Red LED: 3pcs 620 - 630NM
Orange LED: 2pcs 610-620
Lumens: 9600LM

Here is what it looks like what it can do

2) Small foot Print LED fixtures. I have 3 that was going to use on my 4' tank but decide to change my 4' tank to a 3' semi cube tank when I was moving. So these 3 fixtures are all brand new never used. This is a CREE fixture so it is quite strong. Make sure you don't crank it all the way to max if your tank never had LED fixture on it before as it will melt your corals.It comes with hanging kit only, no stands.

Asking $240 each without controller or $400 for 2 with 1 controller or $550 for 3 with 1 controller.

Here is what it looks like on a single 2' tank

Below is the PAR reading I recorded just to give u an idea.


Input Voltage: 100V - 240V
Power: 96W
Item Size in Inches: 11.97 x 6.10 x 2.36H
White LED: 2pcs x 40W 7500K - 8000K
Red LED: 3pcs x 2W
Orange LED: 2pcs x 2W
Green LED: 3pcs x 2W
Lumens: 7000 LM
Local area network by one master
Control by master
More than 1180000 Lighting effects.
Adjustable holder lamp & Adjustable hang lamp
Function (Remote Control):
1. Timer Setting - dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset, nighttime
2. level adjust for LED.
3. Simulate clouds moving
4. Simulate lighting
5. Demo for one day effect
6. C/F Temperature show
7. 12/24 hour clock

Check out this youtube for the same light on the tank.
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