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Converted back to fresh water, wanting to sell off my sump setup with all plumbing, supplies and hardware as a lot.

30GL tank with 2 baffles
Aqueon 3000 return pump (used 3 days, practically new)
Lots of plumping
7 Filter Socks and holder
2 Little Fishies 150 Reactors (one has phosban filters)
25+ air tubing and mixing container (was my kalk gravity feed)
Rowa Phos (roughly 900ml) McDonalds card for size reference
T5HO 24" light fixture (one bulb new, other is broken)
Fragging tools
Other bits.

$80 obo. Can meet in Langley at Langley Memorial Sunday/Monday days. Please do not offer to buy bits, want it all gone together.


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