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"Current extreme" high output T5 light fixture 4 foot with extra new 6500K 54watt bulbs, barely used $100
I also have 2ft version which is factory sealed $75

Coralife compact fl light fixture with mounting feet, no bulbs no ballasts 4ft $30 and 3ft $20 ...These can be refit with T5HO light strips. $20/strip

Brand new T5HO bulbs, generic brand but look identical to coralife (same factory) 4ft 6500K 54watt $5
and 2ft 3500K 24 Watt $3 I have nearly 100 of each.

10 Bags of used substrate, half red sea florabase and half black ecocomplete, partially mixed up. Used only 6 months, $75


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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