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FS - Tank setups and co2

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Hi, selling my equiptments due to having a baby on the way.
Most of my equiptments have been used for less then 6 months except my main tank which is over a year old.
I am not sure of the prices for some of my equiptments but most of the prices are obo so please let me know.

1x65g with black stand $120 (over 1 year old) condition 7/10
1x40g with 1x4 stand $80 (6 months old) 9/10 condition
1x20g with black stand and glass lid $70 (less then 6 months old) 9/10 condition. Corner of glass lid has a chip from a filter hose.
2x10g rimless $30 each (less then 3 months old, i tried shrimps but they didn't last too long lol) 10/10 condition basicly brand new.

2x10 lbs co2 tanks with regulator/tubing $250 each

Roughly 8 bags of amazonia mixed with a bit of eco complete and some trumpet snail shells for $100, i bought the bags for $35 each before.

I have filters/lights/manzanita woods and other equiptments i will post when i have more time.
Please give me a text or call at 778-385-9106 during the afternoon and nights if you have any further questions thank you.


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