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Hello Folks I have a variety of aquarium equipment for sale in Victoria BC area

Listed from largest to smallest items:

30 Gallon Long Aquarium, Rimmed on bottom, Both ends of top area braced (without rim)
Long light that fits the aquarium perfectly, holds two T8s, currently 1 Life Glow and one Power Glow
Price - 120 $ for light and Aquarium Combo.

Fluval 205 Canister Filter, and 2 boxes of Filter Medium (1 box of activated carbon bags, 1 box of ammonia remover filter, both from AquaClear)
Price - 80$

10 Gallon Aquarium with hood and T8 Light.
Price - just the aquarium and light - 30$
Price for a full set up - Aquarium, light, filter, substrate, heater, net, gravel vac - 50$

Odds and Ends:

Hydor Koralia 3 850 Propellor for wave/current making
Price - 40$

Rena air 300 pump, can be used with large or small tubing
Price - 15$

Aquarium Decorations, one small, one medium rocky-cave decoration - 5$ each.

Two Cichild stones, one small (2 by 2 inches) one large (4 by 5 inches).
Price - 10$ for the pair

Various Gravel Vacuums, large and medium sized - 5$ each

Various small heaters - 5$ (for 10-20 gallons)

Flourite substrate - Black - 10$

Most of this equipment can be used in salt or fresh water.
I'm happy to do a packaged deal if you're interested in multiple items.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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