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De-rimmed 20 Gallon (bows when filled with water...probably would not use for aquaria)-FREE
Flooring Toy Glass Wood Room

Exo-terra Terrarium (24"x18"x18"; lid is in use and a little rusty but is included)-$30
Gas Plant Transparency Soil Rock

Bio-cube 14 (no lights, only hood, tank, and a pump; can throw in dry liverock for cheap cheap)-$15 (Pending)
Automotive lighting Automotive mirror Circuit component Gas Automotive exterior

28 Gallon tank (24"x15"x18" LxHxW)-$30
Rectangle Wood Gas Tints and shades Glass

45 Gallon cube (24"x24"x18")-$45 (2 on waiting list)
Gas Fish Tail Beak Bird

Take all the tanks for $100

One Aquanova NCF-1200 canister filter-$75
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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