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My son no longer wants to keep fish in his room and we now have a fire place where this tank used to be.

This black background plexiglass tank is 10 years old and was imported from Tenecor in 2006. It is a 90 gallon corner tank, on black furniture grade stand. It has a matching black wooden canopy. The set up comes along with a canister filter and 24 inch dual compact flourescent Corrallight. I can include the 50-100 lbs of argonite sand that is in the tank, which means it is perfect for keeping African cichlids or for marine fish.

The plexiglass has some scratches, including some internal ones that could be hard to buff out. I have a buffing kit that came from Tenecor that I can try and find to include in the deal.

The original wholesale import price on this tank was $2700 USD; it is 10 years old, however, and it needs some buffing. Thus, asking $700. Considering it is a stylish acrylic tank with stand, canopy, filter, light, and sand, I think it is a good deal.

A few photos:

A couple old videos of the tank set up with different fish combos:

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