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Just took down my tank which I recently rescaped, but decided not to waste time on anymore as it wasn't getting anywhere.

Both the filter and the CO2 canister/ladder were only used for around 4 months.

Tom's Rapids Mini Canister Filter - $20 - pending sale

The filter was purchased from Dr. Foster and Smith and still has warranty. I did not use the original media or carbon, instead using Matrix and a sponge, so those are brand new. Comes with all parts inside the box, the filter was running in perfect condition when I removed it. There is some minor GSA on the inside of the spray bar which will need cleaning with a long wire brush of sorts. The bottom of the intake nub/mesh has a small hole at the bottom which I cut to fit a tube inside for CO2. Does not affect filter operation whatsoever.

Hagen Nutrafin Plant-Gro CO2 Natural Plant System - $10

This was purchased from another BCA member. Two of three suction cups are worn out for the ladder but one still manages to keep it stuck to the glass. When I purchased it from the previous owner, it did not have the original packets anymore. Instead I DIY'd and used sugar yeast and water. Worked perfectly fine for a 10g. In case you're wondering if this works with a ceramic disc diffuser, it does not, as there is not enough pressure to push it through the ceramic. The included ladder is great however.

Prices are firm. Pickup preferably in White Rock or Richmond.
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