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Hey everyone! Going to be making the rounds this coming weekend, so if anyone is looking for some nice frags, LMK!

Will deliver or meet at a reasonable location (travelling through Richmond up to North Van, going home either via #1 or Whiterock).

Rainbow Acan $35

Bicolor Acan mix frag WYSIWYG $35

Oregon Mummy Eye WYSIWYG $80

Bam Bam Oranges $20/per polyp

Red Convexa frags $30

From mother colony:

Setosa frags $25

From mother colony:

Pink Lemonade frags $25

From mother colony:

Aussie Duncan's $45

Bicolor Acan WYSIWYG $45 (4 polyps)

Rainbow Acan WYSIWYG $80 (3 polyps)

Blood Acan WYSIWYG $45 (4+ polyps)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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