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Tiger Shovel Nose-$60
about 12 inches maybe a little more, pretty much flawless
doesnt bother or attack my smaller fish, smallest fish i have in there is my flower horn...4inches

senegal bichirs x3 8-12 inches - 25 dollars each <----is this too much? don't know the going prices

tsn and bichir pellet trained, eats OSI shrimp pellets

lives with a florida gar, sengal and a tiger bichir, a small flowerhorn,
small clownknife, electric cat, two angel fish(yes they survived 2 months
untill i stopped feeding the gar and one day i saw the gar kill them both)
TSN in a...i think its 120 gallon

obviously i need to get rid of some fish so here goes

bring your own buckets plz and if possible
bring BIG scooping device or im going to try to make a basket, WILL DESTROY NETS. i moved them once and i lost two nets trying to move the tsn
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