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I recently added some more snakes to my collection, and it's just turned out to be too many. I don't have enough space for them all. So I'm going to try to rehome two of them. I would prefer to sell them to someone with snake experience. Pick up in Pitt Meadows.

First is a 2009 male Mojave Ball Python. He is a beautiful snake. Eats one frozen thawed small rat per week. I estimate he is about 15" or so, and quite thick.
Asking $150
He is currently in a small rubbermaid tub enclosure, and he can come with it.

This is a one and a half year old female Kofa Mountain Rosy Boa. This is a rather rare locality in Canada, and it is important that the localities stay separate.
She is taking one frozen thawed adult mouse per week. She is around two feet and as thick as a toonie.
She is in a rubbermaid bin which is included.
Asking $125
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