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I'm moving soon so I prefer to sell my fish off rather than risk their health through the transport and setup process. Pick up in Chilliwack or willing to arrange delivery.

I'll send pictures to anyone who texts me @ 604-626-7346 (Dylan)

Give me till tonight to post some pictures up here! :)


6" Wild Caught Green Severum (Beautiful) -$45
6" Geophagus (Fantastic sand sifter) -$25
4-5" Marble Angelfish - $20
2-4" Firemouth Cichlids (x3) - $15 for small $25 for bigger -$40 for all three
2.5" & 1.5" Panda Corydoras -$10

Green Severum is very relaxed, but be wary of keeping with small fish

Geophagus is a great sand sifter and will keep the bottom of your tank clean.

Firemouth Cichlids like to fight amongst themselves a bit, but are fun to watch flare their gills at competition. Not particularly aggressive, just showing off.

All fish work well with plants and have been in an established, over filtered, UV sterilized, planted tank. Very Healthy. Just know that once you buy, I won't give money back if for any reason the fish dies through improper transport or improper acclimation to the new tank.
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