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Hi All
I have sold my tank and need to get rid of the fish before pickup, and I would love to get it out of my place ASAP! If it doesn't have a price, it means I'm willing to let it go free with one of the priced fish.
These prices are guidelines, please feel free to make REASONABLE offers.
Pickup in New Westminster near moody park

Here's what I have available:
2 pictus cats $25 per
3 female convicts
1 burmese border botia $35
1 ghost knife $35
1 featherfin knife $35
2 red severums $35 per
1 firemouth cichlid $20
2 jack dempseys (I think) $20 per
1 massive bala shark $25
1 pleco
2 red fin botias (not sure what they are called, they are grey with orange fins)
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