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Hagen chinchilla cage - 25" L x 16" W x 27" H, bar spacing about an inch - $50

Large Exo Terra breeding box - 16.3" L x 10.4" W x 5.8" H - $15

Fire Belly Toad setup - 5 gallon Marina tank complete with Exo Terra mesh top, pebble substrate, rocks, 2 Fluval plants and Exo Terra Repti Clear F150 filter. Plants still look brand new and the filter was only in use for about a month - $40

Exo Terra canopy - 23.6" L x 3.5" H x 7.8" W. Has three sockets for compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs of up to 26 watts - $40

Habitrail Ovo Transport Unit - no box but never used - $10

2 wire hay racks with salt lick hangers (one silver, one purple) - $2 each

All the prices are obo and items are pick up only.

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