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I have a reef/fish tank set up for sale
110 gallon tall (30 inch deep) tank drilled in 1 corner ( I think it is a marineland tank) with a tide pool sump mag drive external return pump a coralife skimmer, stealth heaters a koralia 3 and a koralia 4
coralife metal halide /compact fluorescent light (two fluroescent bulbs and 2 150 watt metal halides) we have new replacement bulbs for the halides unopened
100 lbs approx of live rock
two different colors of zooanthids they have multiplied so the two varieties are in 5 different parts of the tank
lots of colt coral
2 bubble tip anenomes
1 large black sea urchin
lots of hermit crabs (small blue and bigger red ones)
some snails
blue sponge
blue tang
4 small clown fish (false percula I believe tank raised)
2 green chromis
mandarin fish
2 cleaner shrimp
2 peppermint shrimp
half a bucket of salt
probably lots i've left out
we don't have the time to continue with the hobby or the money to take the tank to the next level. The tank is running well the fish are doing great corals growing but we need to move on to other things its too much work right now

now 2000$ will help dismantle and move

willing to do partial trade for large parrot cage or rototiller
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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