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1) This is a package deal with bonus of two filters (what you see is what you get for the Fluval 302 filter part)

- 4x packages of Hartz filter carbon, brand new.
- 3x Fluval ammonia removal, brand new.
- 1x Zeo carb, brand new
- half carton on of Finny activated carbon

(The two black bags of activated carbon are sold separate below).

BONUS : with the purchase of this package you will get "parts" of two Fluval 302 filters. One of them except the pump has not been used. I used the pump from the new package for the first set. I do not guarantee how good everything works but you have a brand new set of filter except the pump as seen in the pic on the left hand side. You might have enough to make up a filter.

Price : $35.00 for the above package.

2) 6 LBs of Activated Carbon (the big bag in the pic is only 2 LBs and the other 4 LB is not in the pic.)

Price : $15.00

3) EBO Jaqer Heaters 200W.

- 2x like new condition.

Price : $15.00 each.
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