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Downsizing my collection a wee bit. I have what could be a striped marsh frog. He was dropped off at the pet store I work at and I took him in. The previous owners had no idea what he was and personally i had never seen a frog like this before. He eats a couple medium sized crickets every two to three days. He gets misted several times daily as his tank doesn't retain the humidity very well although because i am unsure what type of frog he is I dont know how humid he really needs it. He is currently in a 20 gl enclosure with a heat lamp. Unfortunately i am unable to part with the heat lamp. I am asking $40.00 for him and the enclosure but if you do not need this then it is negotiable. He would probably do very well in a tall tank as he is normally up high in the tank although sometimes i catch him buried in the substrate.
If you are able to tell me what kind of frog he is that would help loads. I did some digging online and found a picture that looked quite similar calling it a striped marsh frog.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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