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Up for sale are a few workhorse 5 fulham replacement ballasts WH-5-120L

This is the identical ballast used in hamilton lights to drive their 3 feet power compacts.

This ballast can be used to run

48" T5HO 54watts x 2

wiring diagram 54watts T5HO x 2

48" T8 32watts x 3

wiring diagram 32 watts T8 x 3

48" T8 32watts x 4

wiring diagram 32 watts T8 x 4

36" Power compact 96 watts x 1

wiring diagram 96 watts power compact x 1

A link from Ocean Aquatics
Workhorse 5

Sold locally for about $50 after tax, I bought mine to replace the ballast in my hamilton fixture but plans have changed. There is less than 24 hours usage on any of these ballast I'm selling. The only thing is that I have shortened the wire to fit into the fixture. Nothing a few wire nuts can't fix anyway. Save from buying new, asking for $25 each.
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