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FS: XL Fire EEL & Bifasciatus Vieja Cichlid

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i need down size my 2 fish, they both is very active , super healthy! just because need more space for my other school fish!

- XL Fire EEl 17 " ~ 17.5" inch $160
- Bifasciatus Vieja male 7"- 8" inch $40

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I'll buy the fire eel once my 210 is ready for fish, which should be June 1st or 2nd.
FS: XL Fire EEL & Bifasciatus Vieja Cichlid

this is a may 2016 thread..
Oh fudge, so it is. I just saw James commented so I didn't bother checking date, lol.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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