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I have a 3" albino plecostamus, yellow eyes and two Rosy Tetras about 1.5 - 2 inches that I would like to trade for a couple Cardinal Tetras.

The pleco has munched a couple shrimp during its night time foraging, (purely by accident) so it needs to go and the Rosy Tetras are too territorial for my community tank and would be better off in a larger school or with larger fish. PetSmart calls these guys "Candy Cane Tetra"

I would consider selling all three for $10.00 but would prefer the trade, I have a school of 15 Neon Tetras and would like to see a couple Cardinals along side them.

I am breaking down my tank tomorrow, Saturday Dec 12 and setting up a larger tank so would like to do this ASAP if possible.


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