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Hello, I have some gear that I would like to trade, Primarily I am looking for a smallish pump (200-300 gal/hrish)I can also sell for cash but I prefer to trade.

1X stand for a 30 gallon tank that is sturdy but in need of a refinish (kids decorated with pencil crayons etc).
1X large fake plant ($3) (pennywort looking thing)
3X gravel vacs ($5). 2 medium and one small.
1X pump ($15). Rated for 720L/hr and works great. missing the suction cup mount though.
5X sandwich bags of river rocks/pebbles ($1/each). These are fairly nice mostly 1/2" but varying sizes
1X bucket of glass oval beads about 5 lbs ($5)
1X stingray internal filter for 10 gal ($10)
1X Mopani wood medium size, about 10 lbs ($20)
30lbs X granite pieces. Ranging from 15lbs to 2 (free or trade)
1X Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants by Peter Hiscock. Cheeky name, beautiful book in very good condition. ($5)

Like I said I prefer to trade But happy to sell as well.

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