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Well, I bought these for some projects, but I just received most of the materials for the 250g / 125g for I'll be building these for a while and these are just taking up space.

What I got:
Little Giant pump - Cat 580503. </a> Used for 1 Month. Just Pump, was gonna make a filter for it, but I would rather used a few xp3's / 405s for the 125 instead. - Pending

Broken Fluval 303 - Comes with hoses etc, the little cover plate for the impaler, one of its tabs is broken, so it needs to be replaced, and I was gonna replace the impaler as well, as its in like 3 pieces and I wasn't sure if it was meant to do that. But beyond that seems fine, was told it runs just those were the only things wrong, but I never tried it myself.

Broken Fluval 303, looking for Fluval u2s-u3.
Aquaclear 70 or Airpump for a 70g or Powerhead
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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