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12 gallon Marina Eclipse

This Marina Eclipse comes with everything stock, including 4 brand new filter cartridges and a new light bulb. Why is it for trade? The light won't turn on. I'm not into tinkering with electricity.

I thought the filter wasn't working, so I got a new tank & set the new one up. Turns out I had just popped the wheel out, which I found out while cleaning this tank. As you can see in the photos, the wheel area is calcified shut. I don't have the the motivation to deal with it. Please see photos. I live in White Rock, with mineral rich water, so you will need to scrub a bit to get into the wheel area.

For trade for dwarf corydoras or any easy care plants (java fern, amazon sword, java moss, etc.). Pictured cleaned out, as well as a photo when it was set up with plants a few years ago.


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