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FT: My equipment for your plants

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All my big tanks are gone now, just looking to trade some of the stuff I have left from my previous setups for some plants.

What I have available:

-7 pcs of driftwood
-2 x flat river rocks. 12"+
-30 to 40 lbs of lava rock
-5 x fist sized river rocks (very nice patterns)
-1 medium sized cichlid stone
-1 x rainbow rock
-7 x pleco caves
-2 pcs of marble slate
-2 x arm length aquarium cleaning gloves
-1 x timer

If you trade me for any of the above items, willing to give you one of the items below for free

-5 x DIY tank dividers
-1 x gravel vac (for 75 gal +)
-1 x roll of fishing line
-16 pvc pipes (1" diameter x 7-8")
-1 x plastic mangrove roots (free with trade)
-33 gal tank (needs new frame.... Glass and silicone are still good though)
-2 x backgrounds. One is black the other planted for 30 n 33 gals

Will consider every offer


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im interested in the driftwoods. can u pm me with pictures.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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