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I challenge you to kill them!

I got a few of these guys in July, they took over my tank in 6 months, so I'm offering up 3/4 of the rest. Really great plant for livebearers, gives the babies time to get big eating the debris that gets trapped in the plants, also gives protection from cannibalistic parents.

For reference, I'm speaking of the tall plants (in my tank in July):
Water Plant Green Fish supply Botany

Here is the whole batch I removed from the tank:
Plant Houseplant Green Flowerpot Ingredient

Here is what is up for grabs:
Goggles Vision care Plant Sunglasses Flowerpot

As payment, I'll accept freeze-dried daphnia or large floating plants (not bitty duckweed-types) or assassin snail or ?? Shoot me an offer.

PM me, we can work something out. Pick-up in White Rock or can meet by the Vancouver Courthouse during my lunch hour (1:10-1:50) starting Jan 4th.
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