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Hendri Leong of Indodragon fame has come out with Indodragon 8. Look past the cheesy factor (using pretty women to market fish won't work...right?), and the books offer good insight into the aro scene in Asia. From past experience importing his books I would guess around a dozen of you would like one. Currently there are a couple suppliers in Canada. The one who can likely provide us the best price on a set of books is Eric (forum member EEYY on out of Toronto. He is something of a specialist when it comes to importing and distributing special exotic tropical fish books. I am too busy these days to coordinate an order, but would still like to get a book myself. Thus, I suggest we do a group buy from Eric to save on shipping. I did this recently with the Belowwater Amazon book by Oliver Lucanus and it worked out well for everyone.

I told Eric I would launch this thread and that then he would be the one to continue it and answer all your questions. So, take it away Eric. :)

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Thanks Theo.

Both Theo and myself are the distributors of Indo Dragon books. As Theo is getting busy, I would start to import all books (in Toronto) from Hendri.

At this point, the initial plan is to collect all the demand for Indo Dragon books from west coast viewers and then I will ship a certain number of books to Theo. Thereafter, Theo will re-distribute to buyers (individuals and/or stores). Since this is a starting point to do that, procedure-wise could be subject to change.

If you are interested to get Indo Dragon book#8 or other volumes, you could sign-up here and I will try my best to complete the transaction. At this moment, volume 1 and 2 are out-of-print.

Plus, if you guys go to indo dragon book web site, Hendri is offering a smaller and larger size (arowana) scanner. If you are also interested, please let me know.

For price(s), I would say "keep it the same" at what Theo has been offering to you guys.

If you are interested, please sign-up here ( ie Mr. ABC / 1 - volume#8 / Vancouver)

Eric (Toronto) :)
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