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I have a 66 Gallon older tank with Eheim canisters (2215??) and used to have Malawi Cichlids. Then had kids, Cichlids became low maintenance Angels ;) Now that my youngest is getting into fish my interest is being sparked again. I've had this tank running since 1999. Cichlids till ~2008 or so then the Angels.

At one point I had a 33 planted tank in an old office. Time to get back to planted I think.

Tank: 66
Filter: Eheim 2215 canister
Lights: Marineland 36" basic LED (to be changed soon!)
Substrate: larger Cichlid friendly smooth gravel
Plants: fake ones for now
little bit of wood.

Synodontis cat about 7" long and 10 or so years old. Paolo is a tough old bugger!
Silver striped Angel about 4" tall and 5 or so years old (2 left of an original 6)
Yellow/Black and White Angel 3" about 3 years old (1 of 4 left)
Green corys about 2" and 4 years old.

The whole point of the above was very low maintenance. IE over filter, feed lightly and do as little as possible. Worked pretty well actually.

But now it's time to clean that up and upgrade bits and pieces.

Here are some quick shots as it looks today:

Water Plant community Green Plant Rectangle
Plant Leaf Organism Beak Terrestrial plant
Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Fin Fawn

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It is funny how our interest peaks. I think once you got into it, sooner or later, you get back into it. There are so many new things out there. I waned a bit when just after university, but when I got I a house and got married, my wife was quite supportive. Now my kids watch the tank everyday. Welcome back! Check out his far planted tanks have come!
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