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Good place to get betta supplies?

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Hi, I just moved to Vancouver and I'm looking for a good betta supply store. I'm in the Marpole area (South Granville). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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April's Aquarium on hastings street in Burnaby has a large selection of bettas for sale.
Hi Andrea,

I would recommend Aquariums West in DT or April's if you can make the commute. Fantasy Aquatic use to get some nice bettas too but they aren't around anymore :(
Noah's Pet Ark sometimes have some bettas too and the only place I can find nice females. However, the quality of some of the stock has been going downhill there, so heads up.

And welcome to Vancouver :)

+1 for April. I was there on Sunday and she had some sweet Koi bettas.
Yup April has great bettas for sure but pretty far from your area. Although not specific for bettas at all, Canadian Aquatics is right in your area and they may have some items you may be interested in.
Hi I have lots of betta varieties and I have
Lots of betta accessories. Ornaments, med, foods, treats, etc

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It is worth the trip to see April she has the best selection of Bettas and supplies.There is nothing worse than going somewhere and they don't have it.
Thanks everyone! I'm gonna head to April's today.
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