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I put Sparkie to sleep this afternoon. He wasn't doing well for the past few weeks and when I woke this morning and he was pineconed I knew I had to put him to rest :(

Heres some final pics to share of the very old guy. He was bought from King Eds over 4 years ago. I bought the cheapest ($1.99) cause I thought he would live for 1-3 months but here we are over 4 years later. He was byfar my most interactive and friendly betta and Im going to miss him sooooo much :( No other fish will come close to matching what he lived up too.

His first day home. Happy as can be to be out of that tiny cup.

Final pics from before I put him to rest.. I think he was ready to go. When I came back into the room with the ice water he was laying under the net.

I thought the best place to bury him was underneath the fish shaped pot beside our waterfall...the cut flowers are temp. until I can find a plant that suits him.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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