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Green Severum issue

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So i have 2 green severum about 3 inches and later on i purchased a jack dempsy about the same size. I herd the two species are suppose to get along but the JD seems to be chasing them crazy. I suppose my 35 gallon tank is good for them for now. How to I control this aggression and also I am planning to get rif of the JD. Anyone want to adopt for$5 or trade. Help me out guys before its too late.
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well...that's the thing about fish, there is not "suppose to" cause each fish's temperament is dependent on each fish. Also, a 35 gallon is and can be a cause of the aggression as well as there is little place for the fish to run when aggression arises
byron, perhaps a break of line-of-sight will help. a 35g, I assume a 36" long tank will be quite small for the fish you have. The space might cause them to have aggression issue.
Ya I know Im trying to get a tank upgrade asap
Jack Dempsey's are VERY aggressive, Thus their name. Unfortunately the aquarium is simply too small for them, particularly with a PAIR of Severums, too much territorial issues there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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