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I would like to gauge the interest if there are other members in the lower mainland area that would be interested for a group buy of the Cardinal (Red with white dots) Sulawesi shrimp. The Cardianals are the hardiest of them all....thought the supplier says they will ship others at the same price or similar.

The cost of the shrimp is relatively inexpensive, but the shipping from Indonesia is not.

Now for the bad news....As you are aware, they are very tough to keep and require pristine water condition. They are not your CRS, RCS, Blues, Babaultis, etc and the ADA planted tank setup and low PH will kill them.

The bad news continues. The mortality rates on them when they arrive is not good and the survival rate for them in you tank after the first few months is not good as well.

Probably keep the lot size in groups of 50's i.e. IF you do everything right, you may get around 20 (+/-) healty ones.
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