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Platy fish are live bearers so we ended up with a separate tank with just baby platy fish, hence we are looking for good homes for them.

  • Species: High Fin Platy
  • Diet: They are fed Hikari baby fish food and then Omega Sea/ Omega One. But should take to any commercial or home made food.
  • Age: Currently ~2-3 months old
  • Description: Golden sunshine range: red - orange - yellow. Some have iridescent streaks. About 1-1.5 inches in length. About the same or a little bigger than LFS size. Females are larger than males. Live bearer. Super Healthy.
  • Price: $2/each fish, would recommend keeping at least a small group not just a single/pair; higher female:male ratio.

Thank you for looking! Please respond and we can set up a time for exchange. Location: Burnaby/New Westminster BC (Lower Mainland)

Please do the research to see if adding platies to your freshwater aquarium is safe :)


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