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Hi everyone. :)

I'm pretty new to the hobby, I was told I really needed to check out this forum.
I've been reading a bunch of posts and bca seems pretty awesome, I see what they mean now.

Anyways. I just have a 10 gallon for now (my first tank)
Home to my male betta. I was told they are very good fish for first timers.
I've had the tank set up for about a month now, and I'm pretty sure it's "cycled".
I don't have a water test kit, but I've been getting my water tested at the fish store down the street and they
Told me my readings were looking good 馃槅

so excited!

Nice to meet you all!!!

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Hey Mr. Fish!

Welcome to BCA! Good luck with your new betta fish! That was my first fish I had on my own too! You're so lucky to live near a fish store :)

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Welcome from South Burnaby.

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Welcome to BCA, Mr. Fish!

We are an amalgamation of many different hobbyists here. There are dwarf shrimp, planted tanks, cichlid, goldfish/koi, pleco, catfish, betta, oddball, community, marine (FOWLR), and reef enthusiasts to name a few.

Enjoy your time here :)!

Best Regards,


Tankful in Vancouver!
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