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I just found this forum the other day and wondered where it was all these years. I have been fishkeeping for 10 years or so now, I used to keep African Cichlids, I have kept Piranha before as well.

I currently have a Florida Gar (Purchased form Island Pets Richmond) that is just under a foot, an Ornate Bichir (from Rogers in Surrey) that is about 8 inches long. A Green Arowana (from Rogers) about 6 inches long, a Burundi Frontosa (from Rogers) that is about ~8 inches long, and a Red Frontosa (also from Rogers) that is about 5 inches long.

They are housed in a 4x2x2 120 Gallon tank with gravel substrate. I am not sure where I am going with the current stock and where I want to go with it. I am also planning on upgrading my tank in a year or two to a 6 (7) x 2 (2.5) x2 tank. The 7x2.5x2 would be more ideal but I have to do battle with the GF for it. I think I will win though. :p
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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