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Hi everyone

I am new at this forum, but I have been in the hobby for 5 years
I encounter this forum 3 years ago when I was looking to buy brine shrimp eggs.

don't know why I didn't join then.

anyways a little info about myself
I started with few guppies of course, but with try and error it didn't turn out well.
most of them die after few months, sadly.

so decided to try again and started with 2 female and 1 male guppy and 5 years later still have lots of guppies
it was fun at the beginning when the guppies started to breed like crazy.
few of my female guppies were giving birth every 6 weeks.
one of them was giving 60-80 frys a time! her record was 125 frys, sadly she ate 10 frys
most of the time I had to be next to the tank and remove the fry as soon as they were born.

now I have new fish, in march of this year, a relative gave me a pair of white jelly bean parrot fish or dwarf parrot or mini cichlids
they are so cute but with personality,
I tried to search info regarding of this fish but still so confusing! even trying to find out which one is the male or female, I am still not sure!!!
some saying the male is the big one; some saying the female is the big one
some saying the male take care of the babies; other saying the female take care of the babies

I am still not 100% sure but for sure, the big one is twice the size of the small one!!!

I had them with my guppies and they were fine but they were not breeding
my relative pair were laying eggs like every 2-3 months.
so in august, I decided to separate them from my guppies by putting a divider
then couple of weeks later, they lay eggs. few days later frys !!!
now the babies are 50 days olds! total of 98 frys OMG

I will see in the future if I could share some of the videos or photos with you guys!
they are so cute but they can be territorial for sure when having babies!


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Welcome to BCA, highlander711.

We are an amalgamation of many different hobbyists here. There are dwarf shrimp, planted tanks, cichlid, goldfish/koi, pleco, catfish, betta, oddball, community, marine (FOWLR), and reef enthusiasts to name a few.

The male is the larger fish of your 2 jelly bean parrots.

Enjoy your time here :)!

Best Regards,


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Thanks! For the info
Yeah I was thinking the smaller one should be the female as she was the one who stayed with the eggs
And take care the frys
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