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Hello from a New Addict

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Hi All,

I've been lurking for a while now and finally decided to post a proper hello.

I remember my dad keeping a 20 gallon tank when I was younger (over 20 years ago...) but I've recently in the past few months finally gotten into the hobby myself. It all started with inheriting a 29 gallon tank when my boyfriend's parents moved in October and no longer wanted to keep the tank - so we inherited everything including the inhabitants.

We made our own improvements, adding a bit to the stock (it was an eclectic mix - trying to fill out schools as we can to a min of 6) and added some more live plants... and then of course wouldn't the plants do better with a proper light instead of the stock hood fluorescent? And the corys and plants would probably appreciate some sand instead of the big gravel. And now that we have the nice light and sand we should really get more plants. And we can't keep everything we want in the one tank so better get some more...

Quite a bit of money later and now we've got 3 tanks (29 community, 5.5 betta, 10 currently uninhabited, all planted) but it's been completely worth it for the joy and entertainment that they bring! Definitely still would love to get a larger planted tank (75+) but we've agreed that if we do something that size we want to do it more on the high tech side which means quite the initial investment in equipment - so that will have to wait a while. Darn budgeting and adult responsibilities!

I've enjoyed reading these local forums and hopefully I can stop being shy and post a bit more. There is certainly a great deal of knowledge and support to be found here!
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Yep. That's how it starts.....very innocently with one tank.....and then......:) you're hooked......welcome to BCA.....
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