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Hi all! I'm just starting to get into the aquarium hobby, and quickly finding out that being up in Prince George isn't exactly the ideal place for it haha. I somewhat started this past summer when I tried to set up an aquaponics system. I ended up having to move in September and the new place didn't have a suitable spot for the whole system. I kept the fish tank and the sump tank out (110L rubbermaid totes), harvested my meager veggies, and tossed the rest into storage. Unfortunately, both due to the move and my carelessness during take-down of the system, none of my goldfish lasted long in the new house. So when all was said and done I had 1 "fish tank" (110L rubbermaid tote) with 4 blue crayfish that were about 2" and "Les Stroud" (a 3" red-sided shiner). I quickly decided that my "fish tank" was inadequate.

It's been slightly more than 4 months now and I just recently purchased my 6th tank haha!

- One of the 4 blue crays has survived and she's living with Les and his "feeder" goldfish best friend, and two BNPs that I'm pretty sure are just going to be in there temporarily.

- I've got an orange-tipped cray living with a pictus catfish.

- Three ghost crays are sharing their tank with 4 very hardy "feeder" goldfish.

- Two convict cichlids are hanging out with two "african cichlids" (not entirely sure what they are, they came with a tank I purchased).

- Four convict cichlids are kicking it by themselves for now, but I'm planning on changing the tank into a tropical community one.

- And my last tank has about 20 or so baby blue crays.

I'm mainly looking for advice regarding setting up the tropical community tank (it's 55g). After doing a little bit of research and seeing what was available in my area/able to be shipped to me/within my price range I've narrowed the selection of fish down to a handful:

- Cardinal and Rummynose Tetras
- Emerald and Harlequin Rasboras
- Tiger Barbs
- Norman's Lampeye Killifish
- Sterba's or Panda Corys
- Clown Loachs
- BNPs
- Angelicus or Yo-Yo Botia
- Black Kuhli Loach
- Pearl Gouramis
- German Rams

That's the first time I've actually written out the list. Seems pretty long haha!

I know I can't fit them all. I was thinking maybe 2 schools (one cardinal tetra and one emerald rasbora) with about 10-15 fish in each. Then maybe 4 clown loachs, 2 angelicus botia and 2 german rams. How does that sound?

I look forward to any and all comments and suggestions. Thanks!!
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