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Hi there!

It occurred to me the other day that I joined and never introduced myself, so here I am!

I will try to be a little more active on this page. I find I spend a lot of my time on forums like this as time is going on, reading and seeking more knowledge. Additionally, I joined a lot of groups on facebook, but I must say that I'm a little tired of seeing the same posts caused by the same issues by people who are more interested in quick fixes rather than understanding the cause of their problems.

I think... I think I may be becoming a true hobbyist.

I'm very much a novice aquariast, really only getting my feet wet (heh) in February of this year. I started my research in December and spend anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a day reading up on different aspects of aquariums and particular fish. I have had fish before but it was all touch and go and based on pet store knowledge.

I'm focused on freshwater aquariums and find the idea of saltwater very daunting. Although successful marine tanks are pieces of art within themselves!

I currently have 3 tanks (and should I wish to remain married I think that is as many as I will have... for now.)

29 gallon community sorority


Flora: Amazon sword, Vallisenera, anubias petite, helanthium, tiger lotus, water wysteria, common crypts, flame and java mosses.
Fauna: 3 halfmoon plakat koi female bettas, 1 halfmoon plakat mustard gas female, 1 pearl white crowntail female, 9 diamond tetra, 5 bronze cory, 1 silver flying fox and...snails
(I named all my girls after 20's showgirls because lol)
Running a Rena Filstar XP 2 canister filter, rated for 75 gallons and a sponge filter
Pressurized co2
Nicrew LED light bar

6 gallon topless fluval edge, divided riparium


Flora: creeping jenny, ice dance sedge and anubias petite
fauna: 1 halfmoon rosetail dragonscale male betta (these designations are getting silly) and one halfmoon plakat koi female who was rejected by my sorority
Running sponge filters, minimal dosing

Just my desk tank. The divider is glass siliconed in with an aquarium background in the middle so there is no way the fish can see each other or share water.

10 gallon


Flora: anubias petite, water wysteria and helanthium. Basically just clippings because I put it together in a hurry after my girl got rejected from the other tank. She was being bullied so I made the decision to pull her and put my other male betta in the 10 gallon and nurse her in the 3 gallon. She won't be returning to the 29.
Fauna: halfmoon plakat dumbo male betta (I... I like bettas)
Running: Penguin biowheel 100. Going to be totally rescaped this weekend.

I live on the north shore and I came across BC aquaria looking for reputable betta breeders. Now we're here!

I look forward to getting to be a part of the community!


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