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I have been lurking for a while and decided it was time to register.
I have been keeping aquariums for 10 years.
100 gallon - one angelfish, pristella tetras, sterba's cories, emerald catfish (Brochis splendens) and a few otos, + plants (3 varieties of swordplants);
20 gallon long - ember tetras, dwarf cories (C. habrosus), + plants (2 varieties of swordplants);
20 gallon hexagonal - just lots of pond snail (and anubias for plants) right now, until I decide what to do with it.

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Welcome, glad you're finished with lurking thing and get on to some real lurking around here.

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Welcome to BCA!

We are an amalgamation of many different hobbyists here. There are dwarf shrimp, planted tanks, cichlid, goldfish/koi, pleco, catfish, betta, oddball, community, marine (FOWLR), and reef enthusiasts to name a few.

Enjoy your time here :)!

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