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Hi All!! ~S~

umm err ahh...oh yeah! I'm Michelle, just out of GVRD in Mission.

I've been keeping fish for approx 6 years now, before my MTS fizzeled out I had a total of 10 tanks up and running pretty much where ever I could find a spot to put a tank I filled it with one. I was a member of Saskatoon Aquarium Society while I lived there and before moving here 4 years ago I downsized my tanks to the 3 that I have left, would up loosing 50% of the livestock during the move tho they were all fine 3 hours from the end of the trip grr...

So now after 4 years of continuously battling algae in the new place I am giving up the last of my tanks until we move to a house where I can find a nice non-direct sunlight spot for a new tank hopefully a corner 75+ gal that will be filled with live plants and possibly rainbows haven't quite decided on the livestock but I have a while to plan it all out again! ~S~ ;)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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