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How much to feed a betta?

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Hey there, I've been researching this topic for a while online, but haven't found a decent answer. What I've gathered is to not listen to the feed your betta what they will eat in 2 minutes talk, but how much should I feed my betta? I use small pellets.
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From my experience, just feed it until you see a very tiny "bulge" on the area just behind the gill plate on the lower part of the body. Hope this helps. :)
Lots of people overfeed, me included, and it leads to many common health problems. I'd say maybe 1-3 pellets a day. Feeding less will be more beneficial than feeding too much.
Ok thank you guys, I've been feeding my betta 3-4 pellets a day usually. However, he recently suffered from a case of fin rot and is recovering right now. Should I feed him a little more to replenish nutrients? or will it regrow with his regular diet?
With pellet, 2 to 3 is good. Just as long as it is a good quality type. Betas are carnivores so more meaty type of pellet is better
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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