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How to clean needed ) pics post 5

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So I finally drug about a hundred lbs of rock home that had been in the 180 I bought . There is a lot of nice pieces and wish to clean it up. I have a few that are a bit on the greenish side :eek:,, and wonder if bleaching is a good idea :confused:. The only this that concerns me is the loss of coulor as some of them have different coulored organisms ( for lack of a better word ) some are very small intricate worm type critters . I don't want to loose the colour:(. They actually are not as bad as some as far as algae go. Some are good looking as they are but should I do a quick bleach dip?
I will be keeping a few and putting some up here in the classifieds once I get them cleaned up and photos taken.....could be a while :D.
Thanks in advance for any info guys.

to clarify ..the rock has been sitting in buckets for over a year.:eek:
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3m Scrub pad..the kind that you use on dishes..maybe that might help.
id steer away from cleaners at all costs..
Go down to the hardware store & buy a big ole jug of Elbow Grease
& Git er done Old Fella!!!!! :eek: :p :D
Maybe use a baby brush they are fairly soft or a soft toothbrush. They might get off the easy stuff and not damage any of the other stuff you are trying to keep.
Go down to the hardware store & buy a big ole jug of Elbow Grease
& Git er done Old Fella!!!!! :eek: :p :D
OH MY !!! with all the comedian's out of work its kinda funny that your looking for a job :p
How the heck are you anyways old one .We gotta hook up for a laugh or somthing here soon.

OH pics :D....this is almost tooo easy ( click and drag :)...)

^^ the worm lookin things are hard coral first I thought ..UHHGG! but to my surprise :cool:

Preety tough to clean with a scrub brush I would think.......
will let you know how it goes :D
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If you find out a good way, be sure to let me know as I might have to clean my limestones as well.

Maybe a PP (Potassium Permanganate) dip might work? On the other hand it could potentially make the whole rock look uuuugly because its an oxidizing agent.
Well I have had coral in my tanks till they became ugly as sin .I just took them and let em sit for a few days in a mildly bleached tub of water and they came out lily white :D.. I rinsed them well and sat them in the sun for a few days. Returned them to the tank and never had a problem. That was a fresh water tank and there were clown loaches and a few easy to kill fish and no losses.
That was fresh water .....I wish to reuse thesse for salt water (well a few sellect ones at least ).
Most are okay and cleaned up well .My biggest concern would be something alive in there and then selling it to someone and giving them problems.
Is a quick dip for them unadvisable?
Sorry for the long post ;)
ummm.would real hot water and lots of salt work ....or vinager ? I spent an hour scrubbing 2 small pieces that included using sharp objects scrubbers and Dawns toothbrush :eek:.....;).looks better but not really that less green :(.
boiling rocks, there is a ditch near my house I get rocks from, we just boil them.
yea boiling will kill a lot but dont think the coral would hold up as well as a rock would . I have had big pots on my stove doing the same :D Do you live in Richmond :D...( ditches :rolleyes: )..I see lots out there :)..oh! just looked ...same with abby.:)
Are you planning on using this for SW?


I have no idea why people pay all this money to buy "live" rock and then proceed to kill everything by doing something silly like boiling or bleaching it. It is called "live" rock for a reason people!

And never ever boil still live rock - your entire house will smell like death (and I mean rotting rancid corpse in the summer death) and then some.

What you do to get rid of nuisance algae is to put the rock in a rubbermaid bin with heater saltwater and a powerhead. Put a cover on and keep it slightly ajar so there's some air flow. Every week swish the water around and use then powerhead to blow the crap off the rock. Then do a water change. After a few weeks most of the rock will become quite clean. Keep doing this for a few months and the rock will be sparkling clean AND most everything will still be alive.

Algae and other nuisances need light and nutrients to survive. By covering the bin you are denying it light. By changing the water and taking out the crud and not adding anything else but clean SW back in you are denying it nutrients. Therefore the nuisance algae will die over time

Live rock is an extremely valuable and surprisingly resilient resource. It is special and unique. Do not mindlessly kill it just because there's a bit of algae on it. Remember: nothing good in SW happens quickly. Do not take short cuts.
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Your rock look perfectly fine. Give it a good rinse and let it cycle without light or little light. If you bleach them, the moment they see light, they will turn green on you. Why start a SW and want the sterile bleached white?

As fkshiu says, be patient, give them 6 months. If you keep you water and light condition right, you should see the colour develop.
First off I am pretty sure that there is not much life in has been sitting in 3 new plastic garbage cans ( with out lids ) for over a year ( 18 months? ) I wish to keep some of it and sell the rest.
One of the cans look like it was near a dryer vent ( fluff over the top layer ) Most of it does look nice I agree ,but what about "lord knows" what got on them over that period of time I should use more sentences shouldn't I :eek:
So is bleaching still no good for unlike rock ? .as I realized it would kill anything alive..or am I not understanding this completely :confused:
One reason I ask is I have some beautifully pieces that I've collected over the years and wish to use them in a saltwater tank one day.
OK then. Bleach if theat make you feel better :)

I bleach old equipment often enough. I woudl use just plain old blach with as little added stuff as possible. Just make sure you rinse really well and soak in clean water for a few days. Does not hurt to rinse with chlorine remover jsut to be on the safe side.

Yes you will end up with dead rock but they will come back to life if you add a few other good pieces in to seed them.
What kind of water were they sitting in for 18 months - SW or FW? If it was SW then I guarantee there is still a lot of life left inside.

As I said live rock is incredibly resilient, I know someone who left some LR in an unheated garage over winter out of water. It was completely dried. Within a month or two after placing it back into SW he saw small bits of green star polyp emerge.

My point is that people give up on LR far too easily.

As far as being concerned about "God knows what got into it", what exactly are you concerned about getting into it?

Insects? Can't live in SW.

Disease of some sort? From where would this disease come from in a bin? And the vast majority of diseases such as SW ich will die without a fish host so having it in a bin for so long is actually good.

Chemicals or heavy metals? Bleach won't do anything. If invert deadly copper has somehow seeped in it's there for good.

Dryer lint? Biodegradeable, I toss it in my composter.

Cat took a pee in it? More ammonia to the nitrifying bacteria to feed on.

You also do not gain any time advantage by bleaching. It will take months for the live rock to become a biofilter again. During the same time you could have the rock percolating away in a covered bin preserving the interesting life therein.
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They were sitting in empty garbage pails and filled up with rain water etc ...sitting out in the open. Most of them I scrubbed pretty well. Some I have bleached.( mainly the small ones ) I will soak them in prime and water for a while as well.
I'd take fkshiu's advice and try to 'revive' it, if you've got the time and space. You'll be amazed at the critters that can hang on for so long. It'll save you quite a bit of money, too, when it comes time to set up your SW.
You getting into salt already Bill?
so i guess blow torching them is uncalled for? just a bit..............? we do it on driftwood
You getting into salt already Bill?
Not yet but would be nice in the future :) All I need is to turn my lower 180 into a sump and drill the upper one for overflows...oh and MONEY I need that as well :D.... I have the lights and the skimmer just a matter of time. I would however have to get rid of all the fish in them first....that would be the biggest step ...and I am not doing that yet :).
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