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Had a recent questions relating to editing posts:

"...another tech question...I have sold some stuff -yet I blundered when posting so moderator refashioned my post-how do i change/edit my post now to reflect what I only have left to sell?"

Good Q.

To Edit your post, whether it's a classified ad or regular thread post.

1.) Located the specific post you want to edit.
2.) Locate at the bottom right of the specific post box the link item "EDIT POST".
3.) Click on EDIT POST and this will refresh the webpage enabling you to make changes to your specific post.
5.) At this point, you may select GO ADVANCED item link (located at the bottom right of the post box) which will provide additional advance edit options and functions.
6.) After you've made your changes and edits to your post, you may wish to preview the changes you've made. you may select PREVIEW CHANGES located at the same lower bottom right corner of the post. This would be helpful if you've chose to use different font colours, font size, or adding pictures/videos.
7.) If you are done with the changes as well as previewing, now remember to click on SAVE CHANGES.

8.) IMPORTANT: Once all items in your classified ad are sold, please kindly close the thread.

Instructions on how to close a thread can be found in the below link:

Congratulations and hopefully you were able to successfully complete the task at hand.

Any further questions or issues regarding this matter, comment and leave a post below

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I thing its very simple and straight forward, if you want to edit your post, then there will be an edit option under your post. you will just need to click on it, which will take you to another window, where you can made any changes in your post that you want to.
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