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here are some simple instructions for posting a thread or classified ad

1) First you need to go to the specific section for which you would like to post your thread or classified.
2) Once you are in the selected section, scroll to the bottom and you will find a red button that says "Post new thread"

3) Click that button and it will bring up a page that has this:

4) Once here start by typing in your title. if it's a classified ad make sure you include FS:, FT:, FF: or LF: whichever applies. Next type your main body, if it's a classified ad make sure you ad as much info as possible and do not forget to include a price, unless it's free.
Trackback can just be left blank.

Further down you will find the following:

you can choose an icon for your post that will appear in front of your title. If your a donator , you will have the option to include the "Buy", "Sell" or "Free" tags if you'd like.

you can also add tags if you'd like but not necessary

5) Click the "submit new thread" button and it will submit and post your new thread/classified ad.
If you would like to preview your post before finalizing and submitting it, Simply click "preview post" this will allow you to view a preview and make changes before submitting it to the forum.

Additional options are available below that which I will add to this later


If you are posting a classified ad you will see the following at the top of the post setup page:

your ads will be free unless you choose one of the premium options.
more info on the premium classified ads here:

In the event you need to edit your ad,post or thread, please refer to this:

Useful tips for posting classifieds found here:

Site rules:
classifieds rules:

Hope you found this helpful. Any questions feel free to ask or message one of us mods
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