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Hello all,

I've tried to research this on my own but haven't found a specific answer to my question, so I'm trying here:

My sister-in-law has had a 10-gallon tank with just a betta for ages. She recently got hold of a mystery snail, though, that someone was trying to dispose of. All has been well for several weeks, but she recently noticed the snail's shell had a small crack in it, so she figured she needed to add some calcium to the water. She bought crushed oyster shell, but now she's not entirely sure how to use it. From what I can tell, she needs to buy a media bag that fits her filter and add some to that, but the question is how much does she use for a 10-gallon tank with a betta tankmate. (She does do regular water changes and is a conscientious aquarium owner, but obviously this is also a very low-key set-up.)

We'd appreciate any advice!
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