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Hydroton as a substrate?

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Word on the forum is that Hydroton is a great media, but has anyone used it as a substrate?

I picked some up in Asia a couple years ago. Starting my 20 gallon and thinking about turning it into a heavily planted high tech setup. I have some older ADA amazonia that is starting to break down a bit, so thinking of layering the hydroton over it it keep it down. The spheres are 3 mm in diameter.

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I don't know about the stuff you have, but the hydroton I use for my aquaponics is very light and will float. I use it for a soil-less garden bed to grow vegetables out of my pond and it works great for that purpose. Test it out. If it sinks, and you're just using it as a topper it should work just fine, depending on the type of plants you keep.
This is the stuff I have:

Hydroton Grow Bed Media | Aquaponics USA

Regardless, I think if the stuff you have was sold for the aquarium trade you should be ok in using it. Maybe soak some in a cup of water and test the pH to see if it if there is any buffering effect to be safe.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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