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ID Black Barbs at Vancouver Aquarium

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I visited the Vancouver Aquarium today with my family. In the amphibian section there was a tank that (apparently, I didn't see them) contained a Hong Kong Warty Newts. What did catch my attention were black barbs. In shape the were identical to Odessa Barbs, but the bodies were all black, and the fins were a dark red edged with black.

I went by the tank twice and should have taken a picture, but was too busy keeping track of my 4 year old. Of course there was no label to make it easy. I've flipped through 4 different fish atlases this evening and seen nothing even close. I'm thinking it is either something new to the hobby, or more likely a farmed color variation of one of the common barbs.

Anybody know for sure what it is?
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I'm pretty sure they are black sport of the common tiger barb. There are green ones that almost appear black.

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Black Ruby was something I thought of too, though I didn't see any showing the bulgy shape typical of the females. Tiger's seem a little closer in shape, though I've never found a picture of an all black Tiger Barb like these were.

Maybe I'll just have to go back and ask around a bit.
I love a mystery and i work at the aquarium and will be in on saturday and find out the species for you.
Cheers Russ
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Here are the barbs in question. They are checker barbs.


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Thanks for the ID. The photo doesn't make them out to be as dark as I recall. To me they look like a primarily black fish w/ silver, as opposed to most of the Checker Barb photos which to me look like a silver fish w/ black. Maybe it's just the lighting/decor that make them seem darker.

Thanks again.
Mature males will be a darker body colour with reddish fins while the females remain a more silver toned fish. While there, they did appear darker (almost a jet black) at certain angles and when off to the side. The photo was taken mid tank under brighter light.
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