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I'm Cory from Aquarium Co-Op

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For those who don't know me I run Aquarium Co-Op down near Seattle Wa. I also have a youtube channel. I'm wondering if you guys know of any good stores to do fish store tours of. Or perhaps some cool fish rooms to see. I seem to be running out in Washington and trips to other countries are expensive... But Canada is close :)
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AquariumWest is a clean shop in downtown Vancouver.
My shop is small. ...but if you have time I'd love to meet you.
I do a lot of nano fish etc
Or website

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Feel free to come check out our fish room. It's pretty big and I'm proud of it :)
Welcome to BCA, Loach!

We are an amalgamation of many different hobbyists here. There are dwarf shrimp, planted tanks, cichlid, goldfish/koi, pleco, catfish, betta, oddball, community, marine (FOWLR), and reef enthusiasts to name a few.

Enjoy your time here :)!

Best Regards,

This is an old thread, but did Cory ever do any tours of Vancouver fish shops?
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