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I'm new + ghosts in my filter

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Hey guys. I've been signed up for a while, made a few posts, and never introduced myself. My name is Chris, and I have fish tank syndrome. I'm in chilliwack and moved here from Calgary back in 2013. Right now I'm obsessed with guppies and have a mess of em in a 50 in my bedroom. Not sure why because I used to hate them. Go figure.
Anyways, even though I don't believe in ghosts, I'm pretty sure my aquarium - or at least my filter, is haunted. Every night one of my two HOBs makes this crazy water gushing for absolutely no reason I can possibly think of. I have never actually seen it happen although I've tried many times to catch it in the act. It's really strange. Either it's haunted or just another case of fluval c series junk syndrome. Anyway, Hi guys. Glad to cure some boredom here and learn more from all the useful information lingering around the depths of this forum.
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Hey chris welcome back!

The gushing could be caused by air bubbles getting into the intake. Make sure you dont have any airstones near it or have any waterflow directing the bubbles to to the intake. Thats usually the cause of the gushing noise.
Hey Chris

I have to agree with Thaim as it happens with my HOB also. I have a air stone close to the intake tube.
So, no ghosts in your aquarium.....:lol:
Kanda in langley breeds some sweeeeet guppies. You should connect with her.
Welcome aboard.guppies are fun and lively. They were my first fish

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Welcome to BCA, Troutsniffer AKA Chris!

We are an amalgamation of many different hobbyists here. There are dwarf shrimp, planted tanks, cichlid, goldfish/koi, pleco, catfish, betta, oddball, community, marine (FOWLR), and reef enthusiasts to name a few.

Enjoy your time here :)!

Best Regards,

Hi Chris, trying to send you Pm regarding corries and your box is full and won't accept new messages until you delete some.
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